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happy happy happy!! im not leaving Lj

I'm so happy *dances, sings, and dances some more* I'm not leaving livejournal. I need to accept the fact that sometimes, opinions don't matter and that people are as "mentally disturbed" as i am. hmm... mentallydisturbed would be a good aol name. ANYWAY. Daniel came over yesterday at 10:15am. He was supposed to come at noon dammit, i guess he didn't realize how short the drive was on a sunday morning. so he and i chilled out for awhile then we decided to drive up to best buy. he baught the gorillaz cd and the atlantis sound track. it was pretty interesting. then we stopped for lunch at mcdonalds and i only had about 6 french fries and a small diet coke. then megan came over around 2ish i think. at 4 we decided to go swimming for 2� hours and that was madddddd fun! then we were getting tired n shit, and my mom was like... all high n shit because of her pain killers. so we ate dinner. and i go to my mom "can daniel crash here for the night?" and she's all like ya sure but he has to sleep in your room and megan has to sleep on the couch. well, this is how it went. daniel and i slept on the floor together (aww we snuggled ) and megan slept on the bed. daniel and i were up until maybe 3am at best. *smiles* oooo.... i almost forgot the BEST news of all. daniel asked me to be his girlfriend. yup *bigger smile than before* i'm so fucking happy!! we were also messing with the webcam last night... here's some pics....

daniel smiling... isn't he cute??

lol, he looks kinda weird in this pic....

i love this pic of him... woo,,... he looks like a demon though. sessi!

don't we just make the cutest/weirdest darn couple you've ever seen!?

has anybody ever noticed that after somebody leaves that you REALLY like... you kind of get this feeling of emptiness inside. agh... i miss daniel... he left this morning at 8:45, but it was well worth seeing him.
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