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nuthing new

i thought i would write, even though i really have nothing exciting to write about. i got up about 12:41 this morning, dragged my ass out of bed and sat on my ass all day (anything else new??) did some cleaning. then megan came over with her family. her dad installed my parens new computer which officially means i can clean all the shit off of this one. gah. megan and i sun bathed and cleaned out the paddle boat. daniel is coming over tomorrow *he's driving up from the keys* and he got me a bag of glow sticks, lmfao.... anybody besides me ever notice how thos are addictive? he *might* be coming over before noon tomorrow. agh... too early. so unfortunatly, i'll be hitting the sack early tonight. i'll probably clean my room before than... i need beauty sleep ... agh, maybe i'll become a beauty? well, megan is coming back over tomorrow to see daniel... wo0t, im excited. it'll be like in june :) well... i'll *try* to write tomorrow. xox
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