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nothing new

hola everybody. i know i had to write... well i didnt have to write, i wanted to. so here i am trying to look for any sort of motivation possible. nothing much really happened today. i got up at 4:50am to say goodbye to my dad because he left for Canada for a week (omfg) this morning. I tried going back to sleep, but people really have no fucking mercy. i must have gotten 20 phone calles and at least 18 of them were hangups. stupid ass mofo's. so i finally gave up on sleeping at 11:30 and just kinda lounged around the house and did laundry. so, my mom came home, i got stuck cooking dinner yadda yadda. tomorrow i have a lunch-in at the hard rock cafe with some of the kids from school. but no, i cant go because my mom blew her top about me doing laundry (wtf?) and i called up brian, my only ride home and told him i couldn't go. then i apologized to my mom for wanting clean clothes and she started crying and carrying on about how i'm not happy and she wishes there was something she could do yadda yadda. we made up basically. oh... i'm excited. sunday there's a 80% possibility that my friend dan from the keys is coming up for the afternoon *dances* he has to check with his boss first (grr). i hope he comes, i hope he comes, i hope he comes... that would just be so wonderful!! OoooO, mark called me today. ill be surprised if he ever calls me again becausei hung up on him since my mom and i were fighting... (THANKS MOM!! )-:< ) he said he'd call me tomorrow. i don't know... we'll see what happens. that's about all the excitement for now. Ooo, i took a picture of my new virtually kitty.. lmao, i'm lame, i know... here it is:

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