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salt river

today kicked ass... well, some of it did anyhow. doug's car got broken into last night, and the damn cops never called us back for a fucking report. grrr. well, around noon we decided to go tubing in salt river or whatever. we got there... got our shit yadda yadda, got on the river and 10 minutes later i found a guy *yay*. um, i never got his name and it really doesn't matter because he was *cough* 20 *cough* so that was cool for about 10 minutes, lmfao. then randy gave this 3 kids beer and i was all like wtf?? you gave them beer but not me!? so i had *cough* some sips of the other kids beer. then i thought i smelt pot and i go to randy "do u smell pot?" and he's all like YUMMY, i do i do i do!!! doug was sitting there like "omfg" so the guy goes "do u guys want some? plenty more where that came from!" and doug goes "i have a drug test thursday" and randy is like, sure why not. and i was sitting there and i got a wee bit 'happy' off of the second hand smoking i guess you could say. weeee. then it starting to rain and semi hail on us. holy fuck it hurt like fuuuuuuck! so then after 3 hours of the river we came back and i did my hair black. sexi. i doubt it'll last too long though :( anyway, that's all of the excitement for today ;)
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