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went to my shrink today, i feel kind of better although i dont think he really understands my viewing on some things. we bitched at my sister at that was fun because im starting to despise her even though shes 1,200 miles away.

when i came home, i was complaining i was hungry and that i didnt feel like cooking, and my dad called me the opitimy *however you spell it* of laziness. well you know what DAD, at least i get off my ass to open a door and walk the dogs. SO FUCK YOU DAD.

well, christian and i are no longer friends. oh well, i honestly think its his lost....

i am starting on a stict diet today. after this bag of popcorn lmfao. there will be no more fat ashley. i am DETERMIND to loose 20-40lbs even if it kills me.

thats about all happening
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