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home again home again (BLEH!)

i haven't even been home for 24 hours and i'm hating it. i hate it here, i despise it here, and i have nothing to look forward to outhere. mymom is putting in applications to get transfered out to phoenix which would abosolutey kick ass because i would get to be with eric. eric is a guy i met out in phoenix. we almost fucked, but we just messed around until his friends james and mark walked in. mark was gay so that didnt bother me but james did. it was a crazy night out though, and i miss my eric :( oh well. anyway, i emailed him... here's out little email conversations

Subj: it's ashley
Date: 8/14/01 5:08:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ashley
To: eric

hey... anyway, i just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time tonight. i really like you, and i hope we can still stay close through emails, calling, etc. here's some other info... *just* incase you need it.


Ashley *****
**** ** ***** ***
*****, fl *****

Phone Number: (954) ***-****

I hope to hear from you soon. Hopefully I will be back out here shortly, be sure to keep in touch, ok? Hope to hear from you soon.

Hugs and Kisses....

Subj: Re: it's ashley
Date: 8/15/01 8:47:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: eric
To: ashley

hey Ashley,

this is Eric (just in case you didn't recall my name)
yeah i had a great time that night as well.
hopefully you will come back out here.
not much has happened since that night. at least nothing interesting.
well, i gotta go my class is about to start.


Subj: Re: it's ashley
Date: 8/15/01 8:58:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ashley
To: eric

Eric -

Yes... I did remember your name, I'm not a complete dumbass lol. Well, I came home yesterday, my flight was horrible. Bad timing to find out you have a sinus infection or whatever. Before I left I played pool with the guy with the blonde hair, not James, but the other one... er, i forgot his name. I know that next summer for sure I'm going to be going out there longer than this time. My mom is putting in for job positions out there, and I guess all I can really do is keep my fingers crossed. This may sound retarded, and I don't get me wrong or anything, but I was curious, what do you think of long distance relationships? Well, I know you have class and everything. Give me your number by the way and I'll get off my lazy ass and try to find some money and buy a phone card to call you. I miss you!! Write me back.

Kisses and Hugs,
Ashley :)

isn't love grand? well, i have to go, my mom is once again bitching at me.
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yes, so megan feels sooooo loved in this atmosphere, dont i? yes i do. *love u to ash* *grrr* *bangs head on wall some more* yanno what ash, one of these days, ima bang a lil to hard for YOU and ima die of a massive brain loss or be put in the hospital, but only becuzzzz i love you!!!! =D DAMN U WANNA MOVE OUT TO AZ? AHHHHHHHHHHH *CRIES* WHAT THE HELL WILL I DO WITH OUT YOU?
You'll have michael, and jaymie, and jen, and audrey, and CHAD, and JONO, and brady and the rest of your ex lovers. If i move, i'll only be moving because i love YOU! that's right, ashley loves everybody except for chad and steven and ray, and andrew, and everybody else!
Ummmm, Jen? How the hell did you remember her? Anyways, if you luff me, you would tear those applications up and park yo ass right where you are. Thats what I call love!!! LOL, all my ex lovers eh? HAHA, your funny. BTW, I hate Chad and Jono *cough* and get this, Jono says he hates me, but *cough cough cough* he says he still likes me. *gasps for air and chokes* But anyways, back to the subject!! I want you down here, not in AZ where that person Eric is. You almost fucked him and knew him for a few days or whatever. You have known me *counts* a long time and still havent dun nothing to me!! LOL, im kidding. hehe, but stay stay stay stay stay. im gonna beg your mom!