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omfg..... i'm so damn tired. i'm going to need a vacation from this vacation. anyway, nothing too exciting happened today. no more car break ins. lol, thank god! i dragged my lazy ass out of bed around 11:30... got dressed yadda yadda. then randy was all like "lets go out to lunch and a movie." i was all ummm... ok??? so we went to chilli's for lunch. shrugs, it was ok i guess nothing too exciting. then we decided to go see legally blonde and to me... it was a stupid fucked up chick flick movie but at least i got to do something. then we ran and picked up more black hair dye... lmfao by the time im 30 im not going to have any hair left!! then we went to a discount cd store place thingy. i was good,.. i *behaved* lol. i only baught 2 cd's. kittie and alkaline trio. i was going to get marilyn manson, tori amos, weezer and alice in chains but i decided not too. well.. out of $200 i only have about $130 left *shreaks* of my money was wasted on hair dye. well thats all for now *waves*
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