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well, i have made it here all in one piece. after 7 stressful hours of sitting on a damn plane, i must say it was partially well worth the wait and the suffering. so here's all that pretty much happened so far. my plane took off from west palm around 3:30 (eastern time) and i had a touchdown in tampa. well, on the flight from west palm to tampa, i sat next to this preppy ass bitch and this guys in his mid to late 40's. the guy was kind of weird. thankfully from west palm to tampa is only a 50 minute flight. then people from the tampa airport came onto my flight. i got stuck sitting next to and "elderly" couple. i got the aisle seat though *woo*. so since i didn't get much sleep the night before, i passed out. well, all of a sudden i had a guy on top of me talking to the people really loudly next to me. i was all like what the fuck, if you want to sit here, please just ask because i'm tired as fuck and all i want to do is sleep and not have your ass in my face! ugh! i wasn't the only one he annoyed either. so luckily others were there to back me up. so then the guy next to me had major gas and i wanted to jump off the fucking plane because of it. gag. so my next touchdown was in san antonio texas. thankfully the old coupl got off. then i had this lady who was 43 and really cool sit next to me along with this other guy who gave me this really cool pen. lmfao, i was easily amused by it so he gave it to me, and he offered to buy me an alcoholic beverage... i was like... "ummmm im not 21?" he's like "oh, mmmm right" i was laughing so hard. then i got off the plane yadda yadda. today i got up around 9:30am (pacific time) and chilled out for a bit. then we decided to go see American Pie 2 @ 4:20. it was ok, i like the 1st one better. shrugs. then we went to hot topic where i baught some *cough* black hair dye *cough* even though im not supposed to. it's semi permenant... but *cough* i know how to make it last longer. so then we went to this place called castles and coasters or something. and it was a tiny amusement park with miniature golfing etc. tomorrow we're going to salt river or whatever and it should be a ton of fun. anyway ... im really tired, im going to hit the sack.
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